Raised By Toons Podcast

If you weren’t raised by toons, you weren’t raised right!

S1E7: Imagine That! Tex Avery Tribute

February 4th, 2014
"Tex Avery Cartoons"
The Raised By Toons team pay homage to the legendary, Tex Avery. Dan gets bit by Droopy Dog and is hospitalized with serious injuries. Chad finds true love with 'Red Hot' Riding Hood only to find himself in a battle to the death against The Wolf. However, things take an unnatural turn when Dan and Chad are visited by a surprise "guest", Myrle Owen... 

S1E6: These Two Gum Shoes

February 3rd, 2014
"Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers"
There's no case too big, no case too small, when you need help just call...RAISED BY TOONS! That's right! The RBT team hired the two gumshoes who could find the where's, the why's, and the who's: The Rescue Rangers!! 

S1E5: We’re All A Little Looney!

February 2nd, 2014
"Tiny Toon Adventures"
Dan & Chad earn their Toon Degree at Acme Looniversity with some recognizable peers. Buster and Babs Bunny (no relation) along with Plucky Duck and Hampton J. Pig show our team around the beautiful... and whacky... Acme Acres.